It's amazing where art can take you, inner peace, solitude, and frustration, but also, if you are lucky, you get to share your work with people all over the world.

I recently was contacted by the lovely Dorothy in Canada, who wanted to know if I could create a wall mounted sculpture of a male torso. She even sent me a picture of the sort of thing she was thinking of.

I said yes, of course, and so we started our cross Atlantic dialogue.

I made a sketch, and a small trial piece, but I wasn't too happy, I even created a full size piece based on the example Dorothy had sent. Something wasn't working, and then I realised what it was.. I couldn't ape someone else's work, it just wasn't working for me. I came clean with Dorothy and said that I needed to do my own thing, and she was brilliant and said 'go for it, I trust you'

Suddenly I was liberated and found myself making a torso, but one which reflected my approach and style.

Fortunately Dorothy loved it, and it now adorns a wall in her apartment in Winnipeg!

I hope you like it.

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