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About me

I have always enjoyed art, being a prolific ink sketcher when I was a teenager, and then took around forty years off to get a Law degree, have a family with my lovely wife and our four sons, and a career in retail and consultancy!

Now, better late than never, I have returned to the art world, still with my roots in ink, but this time drawing the unique 'Your life in Places' timeline ink drawings to celebrate special events in people's lives as well as my 3D  wire sculptures. When I am not in the studio, I work with my wife Caroline in her Garden design business, and I am on the Trustee Board of 'Think Active' a delivery partner for Sports England, encouraging physical activity across Warwickshire, Coventry and Solihull.

1) What led you to take up your artistic activity?

I have always drawn and doodled, even when I was at work sitting in offices and in meetings! so when I had a chance to have a change of career I took the opportunity to pursue my artistic ambitions. My first 'Life in Places was created for Caroline for our 35th wedding anniversary, and since then I have completed commissions for anniversaries, weddings, 21st birthdays,  and other significant events for customers all over the UK.  My 3D Wire sculptures have sold all over the World, from the US and Canada to Germany, Australia and Taiwan.


2) Where do you get your inspiration for your work?

My inspiration for 'Your life in Places' is to capture the emotional aspect of art, using my drawings to bring memories and experiences to life in a unique way.


My original inspiration for wire sculpture was the challenge of capturing movement in wire, which led me to dancers, I am a Friend of Birmingham Royal Ballet, so I get the chance to see warm up, rehearsals and performances, 


3) What has/have been your highlight/s on your artistic journey?

I have yet to meet an artist who thinks they are any good at what they do! So you have to believe that you are when complete strangers appreciate your work! Selling my first piece was a major highlight, as this gave me the confidence that I was producing something of merit. Getting commissions is also a massive achievement, because your customer has trust in you to produce a unique item just for them, and this year I have won the people’s choice prize for a piece in East Lodge in Leamington Spa, which made me extremely chuffed!


5) When you are not creating, what else fills your days?

I spend many days working with my wife, Caroline, she has a garden design and maintenance business, and so I get to do the heavy lifting! I have also recently started managing and maintaining an arboretum of over 300 trees in the local area and I am finding it fascinating to learn about the trees, and also extremely enjoyable to spend time in a peaceful nature filled space.

I am also a non executive director for Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire Sport, which is dedicated to increasing physical activity across the area, and is funded by Sport England.

I have recently completed my fourth Marathon, and so spend a lot of time running and keeping fit.

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