Fame at last....

It is always flattering to be interviewed for a media article, but I was really chuffed to be approached by Cynthia Sipes of Quin-Art. It was a fun experience, and the blog is reproduced here in its entirety:

Paul Joyner is a sculptor who uses wires and various materials to create beautiful figurative sculptures. Paul is able to bring life to his sculptures by capturing the gesture and movements of his subject. In our interview he shares a little about his own struggles with confidence in his art, which is something he still works at. I hope Paul’s story provides insight into how you can acknowledge your fear and grow more in your creative journey. When did you first become interested in creating wire sculptures? I have always been interested in art, mainly ink doodles when I was younger, which have now matured into detailed drawings of buildings. When it comes to sculpture, I remember when I was really young I used to make miniature sculptures of birds and animals out of foil sweet wrappers, and Tunnock tea cake wrappings! I used to line them up on my bedside table! My more recent interest in sculpture came when my wife, Caroline, bought us a weekend wire art course in 2017 with the great James Ort in Towersey. I spent two days creating a dynamic sculpture of a ballet dancer, whilst everyone else was making birds and animals! It was the excitement of drawing in mid air through the medium of wire instead of ink that captured my imagination.

What has your journey been like getting into being a professional artist? I didn't start out with the intention of being a professional artist–I just wanted to find an outlet for the creativity and passion that I had buried deep during my years in the world of business. I suppose it was no surprise in that world I ended up creating new products and businesses as a proxy for my creative longings. The journey has been short but intense. Once I realised that p