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Capturing little Jenny

A friend of mine sent me a photograph of her 6 year old granddaughter dancing, with a request to see if I could capture her movement in wire. This was tricky! Not only was the photo slightly out of focus, my friend added that it was 'all about the hands'

I started by doing a number of sketches of the the pose in the photograph , and shared one with my friend, who said I had captured the essence , so I knew I was on the right track, after a month of thinking about it I finally went to work and created 'Little Jenny' I showed her to my friend yesterday, and it was a lovely experience to see the tears in her eyes - she wrote to me later: 'Thank you for my sculpture of Jenny, she is absolutely fabulous. You have captured her movement perfectly. I love her.

If you would like me to create a unique piece for you, please contact me .

Wire sculpture does not photograph to well, but I have put together a small montage of the original photo, the sketch and the finished piece.

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